rusted warfare

rusted warfare is a game where you build your base to be able to attack and defend you can build turrets to defend since the enemies will attack you by ground air of sea turrets can hit everything except air and underwater stuff which i will get more into later you can build anti air turrets which takes care of air and hover tanks may sound like a air unit but its a ground unit which is can build buildings which builds troops for you to attack with there’s 4 buildings that builds actual attacking units land factory air factory sea factory mech factory and experimental factory builds fast but weak tanks air factory builds fast units but there not useful in directly in combat sea builds underwater units and sea units on the surface of the water mech factory builds slow but powerful mechs and experimental builds overpowered units that can destroy bases with eases i suggest getting a couple of nukes which you can build at your disposal but it costs a lot but not as much as the experimental factories and units but you need a couple to kill 1 so .

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