old video game consoles

here’s a list of game consoles i play that are well either remade or old like the original.

1.the atari flashback is a game console that wasn’t really confusing it only had a couple buttons so you couldn’t forget them the games the games were a little confusing to us when we were younger and we had it but now we know more it’s easier for us if you want information on this click here.

2.gameboy andvanced sp is a small handheld gaming device that doesn’t have the best 3d games but the 2d games are the best my favorite is zelda a link to the past i would play 4 swords but you need 4 people if you want information on this click here.

3.game cube gamecube is a game console were the games are good there’s a lot of different games my favorite on this is actually i don’t have a favorite i will tell you my 3 favorite games 1 zelda wind waker 2 tom clancy splinter cell 3 hit and run simpsons if you want information on this click here

i would add in gameboy but it is not allowed for security reasons i don’t know why but just search up game boy advance sp pictures and you’ll find it

and same for gamecube just search up gamecube pictures and you’ll find pictures