speedrunners game

speedrunners is a 4 player competitive game that your racing around trying not be in last place cause the screen follows the player in first you want to be first because if you go off screen you get eliminated.

speedrunners is a fun competitive racing game that is side scrolling the game was developed by TinyBuilds games and doubledutch games the publisher is TinyBuild games. The engine the game runs on is called microsoft XNA  the current platforms it is available on is nintendo switch, ps4, xbox 1,microsoft windows, macOS, linux and macintosh  operating systems the genres of it are Video Game, Racing Video Game, Platform game, Action game, Indie game, Casual game, Racing, Sports. and the day it was released was august 26 2013.

What the game has ok you know its a racing game but how is it unique what makes it more fun well theres boost pads and theres a couple blue small boxes on the map which  contain power ups like the ice ray it shoots a beam of ice that freezes your opponents so then they  cant move but they can slide dont do it when there going down a hill it will help them then theres the golden grapple which pulls you towards somebody in front of them but beware they can dodge it by sliding if you want to know all the power ups here is a list. what else you can do in the game you get a grapple that can work but only if its hitting a specific white wall or roof you can also wall jump.

if you want some more information here

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  1. madisonsaemsblog2019 · February 4, 2021 at 1:08 pm ·

    I had no idea what this game was until i read your blog. I think you did a really good job describing the game and what its about.