Forager is a fun open 2d open world game that you can play it was inspired by the legend of zelda Minecraft terraria and some other games. It is sorta like Minecraft you don’t spawn in a world that’s fully built its sorta like sky block you start on an island you break things get resources that help you live you need to craft furnaces you get a skill tree and much more.

How to start off in forager you will spawn on an island with trees rocks and some ore and food to start off you will only have a pickaxe. You would want to start off by getting some materials and some food because when you hit things your energy goes down which you can replenish by eating. Break things until you have enough materials for a furnace then place down the furnace so you can start smelting things like iron or gold but first you need wood so grind a couple of trees so you can start making coal so you can smelt iron and bricks. You want to then make a forge so you can start getting gold by know you should have a couple skill points my opinion go to the magic ones first they get you more xp well the first 2 at least .what you should do from there well you should grind gold so you can buy islands grind skill points and yea since the game looks fun i haven’t played it I will not spoil anymore. Here is some more information

Forager has some of the best grinding in games, and that's the point -  Polygon