supreme duelists

supreme duelists is a game i used to play a lot last year but my tablet got ruined so i forgot about it but i got an iPhone 5 so i was able to get it again well i just remembered it so i decided to do the blog on this.What this game is about it is about 2 stickman fighting with a variety of different weapons to mess around with the fighting no it isn’t realistic no no blood and stuff like that its a fun 2d game.

what you can do in when you get on you theres 3 modes single player 2 players and survival i will be talking about the survival mode first in survival mode you can choose your weapon and choose 1 out of the 2 maps. When you choose the map you want you can then choose a weapon theres a bunch of differnet weapons if you want to use magik you can if you want to use a lightsaber use a lightsaber oh yeah you can also have a second player on this. Getting into the game the mechanics are simple 1 joystick youu move by using the joystick the way you attack is when you move the joystick the hands will move aswell which have the weapons when it touches the enemy it will damage them get them to 0 they die you win and also click on the screen to activate your weapons ability like for example magik wand build a protective wall a teleporter or a red bomb.

the normal game is practiccly the same starting off choose a weapon a mask change color if you want to blue or green red a whole bunch of colors you can choose myour oppents lvl how good they are there weapon and how they look or if your on 2 player mode you can play with your friend it has to be on the same device though then you can fight your friends or if your like me you can fight a bot.

In supreme duelists you learned that you can play 2 different modes customize your charecor play with different weapons play with a friend choose between a bunch of maps on the actual mode on survival only 2 sad but atleast theres like 34 weapons each with different abilities so theres a weapon for everyone.

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