diamond hunt 3

diamond hunt 3 is a fun game that you can play on the browser you might be thinking theres tons of browser idle browser games that aren’t really idle meaning you canĀ  within a day and get the best stuff well that’s what’s happens to me at least. diamond hunt is a game that’s constantly getting updated and it takes a really long time to beat.

what you can do in it you start off it will tell you to buy a sword from the shop now hopefully you can read and you click the shop icon then click on the rusty sword then purchase it then it will say equip your rusty sword by heading back over to combat then click your rusty sword then it will be equipped. then it shows how to bring up the description of your stats you do that by clicking on them.

next you will be asked to buy and eat some apples basically go and repeat what you did for the rusty sword except your doing it for apples instead of a rusty sword eat all the apples. what you have to do next is go and click on the quests tabs and click on the quest missing feathers and start the quest then answer him and then the quest is started. go and start a fight in the field it is guaranteed you will fight a chicken to get feathers and oh yeah it isnt possible for you to lose go back to the quest tab and click on the missing feathers quest and give the feathers to him.

In diamond hunt 3 its a very long idle to beat and its constantly getting updated by smitty theres also a chat box at the bottom that you can chat on if you would need more help if your playing it ask the chat in it or go to the diamond hunt 3 wiki.

click this for the wiki