mother witch card clash royale

The mother witch card in clash royale is an interesting card for everyone to use it is good in its own ways against different cards like bats skeleton army and graveyard it is very interesting in its own way except its very weak.

what the mother which card does you might be saying a legendary card it better be amazing well its decent if used properly people when i was looking at people reviews on this card it was mostly negative then there was people who were saying people need to learn how to use it. what the card does the reason its effective against bats skeleton army and graveyard is the fact when she hits a unit if it doesn’t 1 shot it it puts on it and makes it into a hog that has similar stats to the royal hog the curse lasts five seconds and can be amazing if not defended that’s why its great against skeleton army’s. Don’t put here up against tanky cards she may be a legendary but that’s what she’s weak against just like before she shines at weak units. What my opinion of this card is I’m mostly fall on the its good if you know how to use its no trash but it isn’t that good except against weak units. Her hogs just like royal hogs target buildings

The mother witch card is good if you know how to use it its good against bats and stuff but not good against tanks it places a curse against them that is pretty good it lasts 5 seconds if you have a mini pekka come and help her they make a pretty good team when I was using them.

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down below are her stats

Mother witch stats (and her hog stats) : ClashRoyale