btd6 dartling gun update

If you haven’t heard or you haven’t played bloons tower defense 6 btd6 for short they are releasing a new tower which is a very popular tower dartling gun which is a really good tower for straight lines.

Top path the top path upgrades are really great for long straight lines because it has like infinite peirce although against 1 bad its not the best its the best for infinite pierce which means how many bloons it can hit before disappearing. The middle path upgrade is great for moab damage well the tier 5 is but it sucks against grouped ceramics bloons so yea but it melts bads bloons but you might want to get a glue solver top path glue and you will destroy ceramics.The bottom path isĀ  the same except it dosent have the best bullet life span its sorta like a shotgun you want all of its shots to hit because its sorta spread out so place it close to the track and its good against all bloon types. With this new tower im guessing 3 or 4 new 2 tower chimps combos are available but its not released yet some youtubers got it early though so this is how i know that stuff.

In bloons tower defense 6 i wonder how it gonna play with it in the game normally in my opinion the middle path is broken and now the middle path bomb is pretty useless aside from it being cheaper and the top path with infinite pierce i don’t find it that good same with the bottom path its good if the bloons are right beside it.

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