spelunky is a game about your a treasure hunter hunting a treasure so you go into a cave where theres traps monsters and when you die you spawn back right outside the entrance of the cave so i will teach you what you should know about spelunky in the first world well 1 cave.

traps you should go slow but go fast since these things are deadly and theres a time limit until a ghost comes but theses traps arrow traps take away 2 hearts if you get hit to avoid it throw something at it like a damsel skull or a rock and it will activate or if your playing with friends and your friends die pick up there body it blocks arrow shots which is amazing. monsters theres a snake which is slow and sometimes get stuck in webs which you should wait until it comes at you then whip it to kill it bats they fly but if theres a spot were its a 1 block space lure it in there so it cant fly spiders they drop from the ceiling so my idea run or if you can hit them with an item. theres a scorpion that when you hit it turns into a ball so i would hit it pick it up and yeet it away from you then theres a spider that goes on a string that goes up then down hoping for unexpected people to walk into it i would just wait until it goes up and then run past then theres the giant spider that dosent come until a little bit later i would suggest throwing 1 or two bombs at it unless you have a freeze ray shotgun etc. The monsters come in traps well spiders and snakes and skeletons which come in pots so i suggest throwing them away from you for skeletons they spawn in if theres a pile of bones well it has a chance to spawn in so i would suggest being very cautious.

In spelunky you should always watch out for traps monsters are pretty easy to beat if you know how but theres more than just thoseĀ  monsters so be careful and never steal from the shopkeeper.

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