clash royale

clash royale is a fun online game were you choose a deck of 8 cards and fight with an opponent trying to destroy there tower before they destroy yours but to do that you need to open chests and upgrade cards to make your cards even stronger.

picking cards ok now you know sorta the basics known you need to know which cards you should or shouldn’t take well theres many different decks a burn deck cycle deck and a normal deck that counters everything that they place i use that deck i will tell you about the counter deck and cycle deck.cycle deck you normally have like 2 to 3 good cards and a bunch of weak low elixer cards cards that are good to cycle are ice spirits electro spirits heal spirits fire spirits and i would suggest skeleton are because of hog riders and princes hog riders go straight for the tower well princes are deadly if you dont counter them they do a ton of damage. counter deck in my opinion it should include a tanky unit golem mega knight stuff like that then things that counter princes and stuff like skeleton armies then you should include something that does group damage like valkyrie or hunter then a spell like freeze zap arrows anything that does good group damage then a heavy hitter because if they have a tanky unit either skeleton army it which can be countered by valkyrie or arrows aso i prefer heavy hitters like pekka mini pekka etc if you have inferno dragon or tower that’s great as well you should have in my opinion a ram rider or hog something that goes straight for towers so you get fast damage on it  and the last card which it should be in my opinion like rage or mirror or clone .

now you know well if you didn’t know what in my opinion a counter deco should have you can change up the cards but that’s generally a decent deck.

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Best Beginners Deck to Climb Arena - Clash Royale Kingdom


  1. M1K3_DR0P · November 24, 2020 at 1:49 pm ·

    i’m the best at Clash royale

  2. Animal Expert Noah · January 8, 2021 at 1:08 pm ·

    Interesting information. My decks are usually all powerful cards with freeze and arrows.